The EUROPA arm
The EUROPA arm (photo: Galileo Avionica)

The External Use of Robotics for Payload Automation (EUROPA) is a robotic system for automated servicing of generic payloads exposed to the space environment on an EXPRESS Pallet Adapter of the International Space Station. It will be used for operating a scientific payload aimed to measure diffusion and Soret coefficients of liquid mixtures in microgravity conditions.

EUROPA is currently under development. I'm working as system engineer to mission operations, software requirements and software interface definition.

Published papers:

N. Cikic, E. De Marchi, M. Filippini, F. Fusco, T. Grasso, A. Olivieri, A. Rusconi, New generation robotic controller software for space manipulators (PDF, 467 KB), Proceedings of the 8th ESA Workshop on Advanced Space Technologies for Robotics and Automation 'ASTRA 2004', 2 November 2004 ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands.